The Ultimate Guide To Ending Your IRS Problems


New York tax attorney Charles Rosselli says that “his primary goal is to provide individuals and businesses with the correct educational information that will allow them to make the best informed decision to resolve their IRS tax problems.

He wrote the book, The Ultimate Guide To Ending Your IRS Problems(including a special report on tax resolution scam firms: Buyer Beware!), because he is disgusted with unethical tax resolution scam firms taking advantage of someone with an IRS tax problem before armed with this valuable information.”

The IRS is just waiting for you to make a mistake before you have a chance to read the information in this book. Further, many tax resolution firms don’t want to you have this information before calling them since the book exposes the honest truth.  

You are not required to hire us because you ordered our free book. We promise we will not share your information with anyone and we will not bother you about your  tax problem. We also promise that you’ll greatly benefit from the information in this book and that you’ll be able to make a more informed decision.  Here is some more help about your particular problem.

My IRS Problem Is:

The IRS has filed a federal tax lien against me or my business.
The IRS is garnishing my wages.
The IRS informed me that they are going to seize my assets.
My bank account has been levied by the IRS
My business owes payroll taxes
The IRS has contacted my customers or clients
I haven’t filed my tax returns for a number of years
I can’t find my financial records
I can only afford to pay the IRS a small amount on a monthly basis

The IRS has levied my 401(k), IRA, pension, and/or Social Security.
My spouse or ex-spouse has tax problems
I received an audit notice from the IRS
When you have a tax problem with the IRS, you have a potentially serious legal problem.

Further, the IRS is stepping up their collection efforts. To make matters worse, tax resolution scam mills, are taking advantage of unsuspecting individuals with tax problems.

Who do you trust?

At the tax law firm of Charles Rosselli, our goal is to help individuals and businesses solve their tax problems.Although our law firm is based in New York, we are licensed to represent individuals and businesses before the IRS in all 50 states.

When you work with my firm, you work with me.You will receive the personalized attention and advice necessary to achieve results.Because we focus exclusively in this area of law, we offer the resources and knowledge necessary in representing our clients.

Our law firm will be the first to tell you that dealing with the IRS is not easy. The foundation of an attorney-client relationship is honesty. Despite the complexities of dealing with the IRS, Charles Rosselli knows that the sleepless nights and anxiety of dealing with the IRS is not easy either.Therefore, it is our goal is to craft a workable solution for you to your IRS problem.

We’ve designed this website to help educate you on the challenges that you face with your IRS problem. If after reading through our site, you feel that you do not want to fight the IRS alone and that you are ready to put an end to your IRS problems, contact us for a free consultation.We will listen to you and give you our honest advice.

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