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American weddings vs British weddings

A few weeks ago the lovely blogger, Annabel, from Love My Dress let me do a guest post on American weddings vs British weddings. See my article below and please comment if you’ve noticed any other differences!

american wedding planner in london
via Love My Dress

On a beautiful British summer morning, the wedding day is finally here. The guests have been seated and are waiting for the grand entrance of the bride. The procession starts and in walk the bridesmaids. Hold on…we’re in Britain (!), I thought the bridesmaids enter after the bride? Is this an American couple? In this story they’re British but in reality more and more British couples are incorporating American wedding traditions into their weddings and looking to the US for inspiration.

As an American wedding planner in London, I’ve watched British couples take on American traditions and trends more so in the last two years than ever before. With the boom of wedding blogs and the increase of brides who want to have a unique and personlised wedding, it’s easy to find creative ways to incorporate traditions from another country.  As long as it’s meaningful for the couple and won’t confuse guests, swinging a new tradition is worth the effort!

For all of you American and British readers who’d like to shake thinks up a bit, check out the differences between American weddings and British weddings then think about incorporating one into your wedding. Heck, even do two!

american wedding planner in london

american wedding planner london

american weddings vs british weddings
via Thaoski

Are there any differences you’ve noticed between American weddings and British weddings?

American weddings vs British weddings

In our recent American weddings vs British weddings series, I’d like to talk about the differences in momentum during the wedding reception…

American weddings have:

Shorter speeches

Guests getting up to hit the dance floor between dinner courses

Faster service so less time at the table and more time for dancing!

British weddings have:

Lengthy speeches. It’s tradition!

No dancing during the meal

Longer lunch/dinner service than the American weddings

Earlier ceremonies. The Brits tend to get married mid-day or early afternoon where as American weddings are traditionally in the late afternoon

american weddings vs british weddings
Picture via Thaoski Blog

Thaoski Blog

British weddings vs American weddings

One of my favourite things about British weddings is watching the ladies arrive at the ceremony in unique and fashionable hats or fascinators. I have yet to see a room full of women in hats at an American wedding but once it reaches the US I’ll be ecstatic!

See some of Rachel Trevor Morgan’s designs below to achieve any style you’re going for be it chic, elegant, vintage, posh, smart, or laid back. Another one of our favourite milliners is Philip Treacy. More to come on the differences between British weddings vs American weddings…

wedding hats
Rachel Trevor Morgan

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