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Alternative Wedding Registry Ideas

Gone are the days when couples walk around with laser guns in department stores tagging high balls, plates, pots, and pans. Most couples cohabitate these days and are therefore equipped with the necessary household items. So what do you do when it comes to registering your wedding? You could tell your guests to just bring themselves and send their best wishes – but we all know that won’t happen! Purchasing a gift is a traditional part of a wedding so below I’ve listed some modern ideas to the single department store gift registry:

alternative wedding gift list
Lloyd Dobbie Photography

A gift registry for your Honeymoon!

Guests can contribute towards air fares, dinners, nights out, elephant rides, scuba dives, whatever you have planned on your romantic getaway!  Most of our brides and grooms are opting for this type of registry as the Honeymoon is a holiday you will never forget.

A gift registry to re-design your home

A handful of companies are offering interior design gift lists so the couple can start their married life with a fresh look to their home. Guests can buy pieces from the leg of a sofa to a chandelier to wall paint. If I could go back in time I would sign up for this!

alternative wedding gift list ideas
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A one stop shop gift list

I came across a company called The Bottom Drawer who offers couples a gift registry where they can pick and choose a mixture of gifts from multiple vendors. This might be money towards a new home, a massage on the Honeymoon, upgraded household items, or even cash gifts. There are fees to host your site here but the convenience usually outweighs these nominal fees. 

Charity lists

If you truly have everything you want, or you’d like to raise money for a Charity, then set up a registry for your guests to donate to a Charity of your choice. You can organise your list by visiting the Charity’s website or going to Give It.

wedding gift list ideas
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Current Stationery Trends in the US

One of our stationery experts in the US, Kate Price, has kindly written a post for us on current stationery trends in the US.  Kate works with Wedding Paper Divas, Tiny Prints, Treat, and Shutterfly. All companies are known for exceptional quality, great customer service, and stylish designs. All of these brands are part of the leading stationery and photo printing stores in the US.

Over to you Kate:

People today may be more apt to share milestones through Facebook updates or tweets, but the tradition of stationery is making a strong comeback. Sending a card or letter through the mail adds a personal touch and provides a long lasting message, something that gets lost through social media posts or email. So make sure that you send out birthday cards from Treat to your grandmothers or thank you cards from Wedding Paper Diva’s after your big day, because it will leave a good impression and shows the recipient you care.

Use of Stationery

Stationery has a variety of uses from the formal to the everyday. It can be used for formal events, such as weddings, birthday parties, and showers and for announcements such as a new baby or new address, as well as every day uses, like thank you cards and letters.

Types of Stationery
Today, consumers have a variety of styles to choose from. Some prefer a call to elegance with a modern feel as in the example below. It is your choice to keep some formality with a hint of personal flair.

Current Stationery Trends
Wedding Paper Divas

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Escort cards vs table plan

It’s a good idea to have a seating plan at your wedding- especially if your guest list is over 15. Many couples stress about the seating plan as they’re afraid they might upset family and friends. As long as everyone gets a seat, no real disasters are likely to occur.  The seating plan should be finalised when you submit final numbers to your caterer however, the reality is that seating plans will not be completely finalised until the actual wedding day. Guests fall ill, unexpected guests show and Uncle Joe insists on sitting at table 8.

You may have heard or seen the words “Escort Cards” thrown around but what exactly are these and what’s the difference between Escort Cards and Table Plans?  The escort card is a more modern approach to assigning a table to your guests, the trend starting in American weddings. These are generally handed out at the cocktail reception and assign guests to a specific table for the meal. Once they find their table they will have a place card and seat waiting for them. Escort cards are a great ice breaker as guests tend to walk around with a card in hand asking other guests what table they’re sitting at! They make beautiful decorations as well- see below.

escort cards vs table plan
Flourish Event Design

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Unique wedding ideas – mini ice cream cones


Mini ice cream cones have been spotted in the wedding industry for the past year, but 2012 is seeing brides and grooms serving goat cheese flavoured mini ice cream cones! Of course anything miniature is cute and adorable but the flavours of sweet and salty are impressing palates all over the country.

unique wedding ideas
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