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Eriksson: Strengthen Audit

is the business community to wake up. United States immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) officials to their records will be audited 652 United States enterprises issued a notice of the inspection. Cause: to determine whether these industries have knowingly hiring people in the United States work authorization audit table-9 employment eligibility verification records of selected companies nationwide, from ice, this new measure, and illegal employment practices on President Obama’s positions are consistent.

A spokesman for the internal combustion engine: the part of the strategy is to let know we are in business enterprises.  Government seems to be more vigorous enforcement, business can significantly reduce the illegal part of United States labor in the critical first step. Perhaps more severe sanctions would be in compliance with the requirements of the United States employ  for business-business answers, the Government adopted a strategy that makes sense. The reason is simple. Undocumented workers are only able to because knowingly providing employment of his employer.

Once the employer stop employing those who do not have work authorization, will be speaking in past tense. In addition make it more difficult to find at least it can be said of the United States employment reduction first entered the United States.  seriously this particular initiative business people should listen to. This time the goal by ice business is based on a survey of selected in advance.

However, because of some 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States seems clear is that many other business es shall take measures, in order to obtain their employment practices. This is not possible to complete its corporate audit of those 652 when selected will complete ICE.  these enterprises are faced with an internal combustion engine, and the possible consequences are very large.

Companies found in violation of United States immigration laws for knowingly hiring illegal workers will face significant fines and may include unable to bid on Government contracts by the threat of penalties. In addition the executive officers may also be facing serious jail time. I suspect that the threat of imprisonment will get everyone’s attention. It allows to employ illegal workers less cost-benefit analysis and more ” do-I-really-want-to-go-to-jail ” analysis  United States immigration policy, our Government is not able to obtain a handle or to take the necessary steps to effectively deal with the hot potato.

This fact has some 12 million illegal residence in the United States, this problem has been how long ignored speaks volumes.  new combustion engine initiative at a time when the Obama administration to deal with immigration reform-related problems. It shows that Obama does not sort before, such as what amounts to a safety problem , immigration reform policy begins to take shape for the next reform agenda, will be important to the fairness and the idea emphasizing this process.

Government audit strategy it will cause problems, what is the next step if employers for employing illegal workers. In real terms occur when illegal workers no longer getting regular wage? how long can be they in the United States once they are no longer able to find a job and what will they resorted to in order to support their families?  new initiative signals, severity, the Government is committed to the United States employers and illegal employment.

Immigration reform will undoubtedly feel disappointed, they may want to look first for illegal workers with a temporary status, and then they continue to employ. , I think that despite the internal combustion engine initiative audit risk, there will be some continue to employers of illegal workers. Although they will undoubtedly be the concern of the majority of the business audit of the internal combustion engine will leave some employers willing to take the risk.

There are some business owners are obviously not able to work in the United States workers. In this way some owners will be faced with the decision to employ illegal workers in these positions, even in the face of a potential ICE audit. , Obama has been reaffirmed and internal combustion engine initiative is the employment of illegal labor is illegal and is no longer ignored. If they catch you, there will be consequences.

This initiative seems to be a smart move, the Government’s overall strategy for immigrants; the problem is, it will be a meaningful impact on the eradication of illegal employment.  provided the above information is for informational purposes only. Information should not be construed as legal advice, and does not constitute the Szabo,


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